Let’s Build the Coolest Closets for Your Children!

Who says a closet can’t be super cool? When you work with Coastal Closets to maximize the space in your children’s closet, we’ll make sure it stays awesome for years.

We recommend designing a child’s closet so that it has room for both clothing and toys (including big-kid toys for teens). With add-ons, the closet can grow and adapt to your child’s changing needs. For example, for a young preschool-aged child, you might start with smaller drawers and a low hanging bar. When your child gets taller, you could raise the hanging bar and swap out the small drawers for a larger drawer system.

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A Closet System That Grows With Your Child

A reach-in closet is a great way to keep a kid’s room tidy. With a constantly changing wardrobe to fit their changing size, it’s important to have a simple system for keeping everything organized. Plus, convenient shelving allows children to learn how to keep their own rooms tidy!

There are so many ways to maximize the storage space for children’s closets. Other potential solutions include:

Declutter Your Child's Room with Organization

Consider the different types of storage options you want in your child's closet. You might want a various shelf configurations, hanging rods, and drawers to accommodate different types of clothing and accessories. We can also include hooks for backpacks and hats, or cubbies for shoes.

These are just a few of the ways installing custom children’s closets can improve life at home. You can reach us via our online contact form. Coastal Closets is ready to help you design the reach-in closet of your dreams!